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Events 2015


Mon. Jan. 26th



Mon. Feb. 23rd

Aviary Hygiene with Dave Vandepeer

1.Normal Green

2. Normal Grey Green


Mon. Mar. 23rd

Beginner Forum of Pauline

Senior, Fred Pilbeam & Brian


1. Normal Blue

2. Normal Grey


Mon. Apr. 27th Judging Competition

(arranged by Ray Welfare)

1. Opaline

2. Cinnamon (Inc.Opaline Cinnamon)


Sun. May 10

Aviary visit to be arranged


Mon. May 18th

An evening with Ian

Fordham & Annual Nest

Feather Show


Sun. June 7

Aviary visit to be arranged


Mon. June 22nd

Show Preparation with

Ian Standley

1. Lutino

2. Albino


Sun. July 12

Aviary visit to be arranged


Mon. July 27th

BBQ at the Standley’s


Sun. Aug. 16th

Open & Members Show


Mon. Aug. 24th

No Meeting


Mon. Sept. 21st

Guest Speaker 1. Dominant Pied

2. Recessive Pied


Mon. Oct. 26th

What makes a good

pairing? (arranged by Ray


1. Spangle

2. AOC


Mon. Nov. 23rd

Presentation night at a

local pub


Mon. Dec. 21st

No Meeting


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Best Beginner Any Age 2014

owner Pauline Senior

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